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Skilled Technicians

ECS provides highly skilled technicians for tasks including light design, sound engineering, stage construction, rigging, and more. Our talent pool encompasses professionals with diverse skill sets and experiences.

Tailored Solutions

Every event is unique. Therefore, we offer tailored solutions that precisely cater to your project's requirements.


We are particularly specialized in outfitting cruise ships, conference halls, and theaters. Our experience in these domains allows us to deliver exceptional results in demanding environments.

Contract Work

We want to emphasize that ECS exclusively operates within the framework of contract work. This clear agreement fosters transparency and security for both parties.


Punctuality, professionalism, and dedication are at the forefront of our values. Our crew members are committed to enhancing your events with technical expertise and passion.

Why Choose ECS?
Our profound passion for technology and events, coupled with our extensive network of professionals, makes us the prime choice for personnel placement in the event technology industry. We offer not only competence but also commitment to ensuring your events are in the best hands.

Contact us today to learn more about how ECS - Entertainment Crew Service can elevate your events to the next level! Your ECS Team

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